Application techniques

The following instruction video covers the mounting techniques for the three main types of wallcovering:

Pre-pasted, Paper-based and Non-woven based. This video also serves as an effective tool to help sales personnel, support staff and resellers in selling and supporting the Fresco wallcovering products.


Fresco Pre-pasted wallcovering is pre-coated with an adhesive that will be activated by immersing it into water. It is quick and easy to install and ideal for changing wallcovering regularly.

Paper-backed – PASTE-THE-PAPER

Fresco Paper-backed wallcovering is the ideal solution for semi-permanent wallcovering applications. Paste the paper the traditional way and apply onto smooth and flat walls.

Non-woven – PASTE-THE-WALL

Simply paste the wall and apply. Follow the step-by-step installation guide below to install Fresco Non-woven wallcovering.

Installation guide Fresco Non-Woven wallcovering

Step 1 - Wall preparation


Be sure the wall is smooth, clean and dry. To get the best results, polish the wall and wipe the surface with a wet towel. Use of a primer is recommended.

Step 2 - Material preparation


Make sure to check all stripes before applying.

Step 3 - Draw a straight line


To be able to fix the first stripe perfectly vertical, make sure you draw a straight line on the wall beforehand, using a level. Wall height + 5cm. For designs with a repeated pattern, keep the repeat height in mind.

Step 4 - Apply the adhesive


Apply sufficient adhesive with a lambs wool roller or block-brush at one length area at a time. Use a glue for high quality type of vinyl. Ask your dealer for advice.

Step 5 - The first stripe


It is absolutely crucial that the first stripe is perfectly applied to the wall. Roll away air bubbles with a rubber roller. In case of glue leaks or other marks on the wallpaper, they can be easily cleared away with a clean water and a warm cloth.

Step 6 - The next stripes


Start with the next stripe, close to the first one, matching the visual beforehand so that there is perfect continuity. Repeat the steps for every stripe until the project is complete.

Step 7 - Cut the strips


Cut strips on the plinth off along a steel ruler.

Step 8 - Deliver the project


Applying the wallpaper is finished. Time to show everyone the result!